Friday, 7th January, 2011 - 13:15
This link and this one too made me rage today. Some people are so stupid.

Christmas Report
Tuesday, 4th January, 2011 - 12:00
Christmas Eve
Went to the West Midlands Safari Park's annual Santa Safari. I didn't manage to bag a Santa hide, but Abigail did get a nice present and all in all it was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve. We came home to slow-cooked duck which we shredded and bunged into home-baked rolls. Om nom!

Christmas Day
A whirlwind of present giving and opening as per usual. We hosted lunch for the three of us, plus Jo's parents, which is a first for me. Jo did most of the cooking, (I did a big chunk of the prep-work); we had goose with all the trimmings, including sprouts blackened in a pan with bacon lardons. The goose was awesome - it's a personal favourite of mine; so much more tasty than turkey.

Boxing Day
Lazing and tidying up in the morning followed by a buffet lunch at our house with my parents. Goose curry at ours in the evening with my brother Matt, followed by a game of Kinect and some Guitar Hero.

New Years Eve
Party at my parents' house with some family and friends. One of the best New Years Eves I've had in a long while - we had a really good laugh and Abigail was even good enough, (thanks to an early nap in the afternoon), to see in 2011 with us!

Rubbish Saturday
Monday, 20th December, 2010 - 10:39
On Saturday, (as the weather looked OK in Tamworth), we decided to go and visit Cadbury World. As we started getting toward the city centre, the weather deteriorated rapidly and soon the roads were pretty treacherous.

We had decided to still visit Cadbury World and hope for better weather later but as I was driving down a hill in Bourneville the car hit a patch of compacted snow, (with fresh on top), and the car started to skid... sideways!

Luckily, I know how to stop a skid, (the theory at least), so I managed to get the car under control before we hit anything. We skidded a long way though and it shook us all up. Thank goodness the road was clear and there was no other traffic or we would've been in real bother.

After that, we cut our losses and made the decision to turn back, which meant that we got stuck in the massive traffic jam which the A38 became. In the end, we parked up at the Bull Ring and had a bite to eat at Wagamama's then did a bit of shopping, just to pass the time.

Yesterday, I needed to head into town to do the last bits of shopping in preparation for Christmas. I ended up having to walk in, (which was actually quite nice as it was lovely and sunny), as my brakes had frozen solid over night!

As you can imagine, I'm pretty much done with Winter. Christmas Party
Friday, 17th December, 2010
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My Thoughts on Facebook
Wednesday, 8th December, 2010 - 12:18
Recently I've become more and more sick of Facebook. It should be a useful tool to keep up-to-date with past and present friends but these days all I seem to see is slacktivism bullshit which makes me rage, crap SMS-style spelling which makes me depressed and various other passive-aggressive and downright brain-dead cack.

It's gotten to the stage where Facebook has morphed into a huge, pointless distraction 95% of the time. I have a feed on my browser's homepage which I look at multiple times daily, (read: I work with the Internet all day so that's lots of views), and that really doesn't help matters - I don't think I need to be looking at Facebook so often when all it does is make me say 'derp'.

So, short of deleting my profile, (which I really don't want to do as there are still people on my list who I care about), I'll be:

1) Hiding anyone who makes me rage, feel depressed or say 'derp'.
2) Removing the feed from my homepage.

97% of people won't read this blog post, but if you do you're probably one of the 3% who I give a shit about.
<rant />

Thursday, 21st October, 2010 - 12:40
Hello Internet, it's been a while. My life has been hectic-busy for the last few months, which is why my poor, poor blog has remained neglected. (But then I would say that, wouldn't I?)

Lots has happened over the last few months, (a holiday in Wales, Jo passing her driving test etc.), which I don't really have time to go into right now. Some important news, though, is that I'm moving house!

Jo, Abigail and I are all moving into a house together and I can't be happier. We're staying local, (still Fazeley), and the place looks really nice. It's by the canal and it even has a garden! Wow, I almost feel like a grown-up.

Holiday in Wales
Saturday, 14th August, 2010
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Tamworth Castle
Saturday, 7th August, 2010
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Jewellery Qtr and Key Hill
Friday, 23rd July, 2010
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Lichfield Once More
Saturday, 26th June, 2010
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