Big Dave
Monday, 3rd February, 2003
Top-lit shadowy pic of a rather intimidating hard-knock.

Wednesday, 29th January, 2003
Front-view of Col. Kurtz, (from "Apocalypse Now"), coming out of the shadows.

The Twin
Sunday, 19th January, 2003
Picture of the man behind "Aphex Twin". Again, nice shading and recreation of the band's logo.

I Want Your Soul
Sunday, 19th January, 2003
Rendition of a scene in the music video, "Come to Daddy" by "Aphex Twin". Really pleased with this one, especially the shading.

Saturday, 11th January, 2003
Cartoony picture of a girl. Going "Blargh!".

Friday, 10th January, 2003
Re-creation of the album "Mutter" by "Rammstein". I actually drew this while drunk, after a night out! I like the shading in this one, and the two-tone simplicity.

Friday, 10th January, 2003
Freshly autopsied man, floating in Formaldehyde. Inspired by pictures on the inside booklet of the album, "Mutter" by "Rammstein".
This is the last in a series of Rammstein-related pictures.

Wednesday, 8th January, 2003
Side-view of one of the members of the band, "Rammstein", using a flame-thrower on stage. (Rammstein are known and loved for their use of pyro-technics on stage as part of their act).

Wot You Lookin' At?
Tuesday, 7th January, 2003
Sketchy picture of an 'ard nut, looking over his shoulder. Supposed to look menacing.

Sunday, 29th December, 2002
Cartoon picture of a cowboy with an arrow through his head. Just a bit of fun :)
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